Smart logistics involves much more than simply storing your products. LOGISTEED Europe ensures that your logistics operation runs as a well-oiled machine by taking an integral approach: we provide you with a complete package of services to connect your supply chain from beginning to end.

Strategically located warehouses

Since your logistics efficiency depends on excellent transport links, our warehousing and distribution facilities are situated in strategic locations around the world: close to a port or airport and with good road/rail connections. In Europe alone, we have several own warehouses, including in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France and The Netherlands.

Warehousing and distribution strategy

Your products' requirements are at the heart of our warehouse design and the specialists from our Logistics Engineering department always work with you to identify precisely the right approach. And once the warehouse is up and running, they keep a keen eye on your processes and suggest ways in which your logistics operation could be further improved.

Perhaps you'd prefer to implement LOGISTEED Europe's smart solutions in your own warehouse? If so, we offer in-house logistics services for entire or partial production lines.

Need help with storing your goods? We're happy to help. Contact us today!

Our warehousing and logistics solutions include:

  • Bonded and public storage of your goods
  • Automated inventory management and optimisation
  • Inbound and outbound order processing
  • Value Added Services such as labelling or assembly
  • Quality control
  • Distribution ranging from full truckloads to groupage services
  • Cross-docking
  • Customs activities
  • Reverse logistics

Integral approach to your supply chain

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