Express parcel service

parcel service

Smart solution: parcel shipments

Thanks to our parcel service, you can ship letters, packages or parcels to your customers or partners anywhere in the world. We work closely with carefully selected parcel couriers to choose the best option for you, whether for national or international parcel shipments. This collaboration enables us to generate considerable volumes and pass significant cost savings on to you. As a result, you always receive the right level of parcel service at the best possible price. 

Based on the destination of your parcel shipment, the level of parcel service you require and price considerations, LOGISTEED Europe identifies the best parcel courier for you.

The right parcel service for your letters or parcels

  • Delivered to the right place at the right time
  • Choice of delivery windows (next morning before 10 o'clock, before noon, next day delivery, etc.)
  • National and international parcel consignments
  • Insured parcel shipments (for high-value products) 

Need to ship letters or parcels quickly? If so, please contact us.

1. Contact us.

parcel service

2. Discuss your express shipment requirements with the LOGISTEED Europe specialists.

parcel shipment

3. We identify the service that best suits your needs.

parcel service

4. Your consignment is collected from your premises.

send package

5. Your shipment is delivered to your customer or business partner.

Thanks to track & trace you can see exactly where your consignment is along the way, and the ‘sign on receipt' service assures you that it has been delivered to the right person.

parcel consignment

6. Our representatives are on hand to help you.

If you should have any questions before, during or after shipment, the LOGISTEED Europe team is happy to help you. Regular reports and analysis enable our employees to identify areas for potential improvement and suggest the most effective solutions. Once a shipment is complete, you receive an invoice for the service you requested and received.

parcel service

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