Vision, mission and strategy reduced to its essence



Through her services, LOGISTEED Europe aims to improve the transparency, reliability and efficiency of logistics operations. Working with LOGISTEED in Europe is a pleasant experience in which they are taking care of things for the customer behind the scenes.


LOGISTEED Europe provides smart logistics solutions ‘smart logistics'. We consider the environment in all that we do.


LOGISTEED employees take a keen interest in our customers' needs and preferences, working closely with them to identify opportunities for possible improvements. For each individual situation, our specialists draw on LOGISTEED's wealth of industry expertise to design and execute smart, practical and effective logistics solutions, with proven success in countless real-life work situations. In the years ahead, we will be intensifying our focus on green, safe and reliable logistics, and we will be entering new international markets.

We have reduced our strategy to its essence and chosen to express it in three keywords: Global, Green and Comfortable.

  • Global: We offer you all the advantages of an international player with a global network, yet speak the languages of the countries in which we operate. Our one-stop shop for logistics services enables our staff to offer you a complete package tailored precisely to your needs. 
  • Green: Everything LOGISTEED Europe does for you is done with consideration for the health and sustainability of our planet. We respect and minimize our impact on the environment in order to offer you logistics solutions that are as green as possible, in line with our objectives of preventing further global warming, reducing carbon emissions and saving energy and natural resources. 
  • Comfortable: Working with us is a pleasant experience, guaranteed. We take care of all of your logistics activities, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business. We suggest improvements and implement solutions to take your logistics operation to the next level. A thorough understanding of your logistics operation and your ambitions – that's what you can expect from all of our employees.
global transport

The planet's population continues to grow, but LOGISTEED's global coverage and extensive network makes the world feel smaller. No matter where you're based, one of our local specialists is always on hand to help you.

green logistics

LOGISTEED gives preserving the environment the green light. We always respect our natural surroundings while providing logistics services that deliver against our objectives.

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