European Network


The Netherlands

Warehousing The Netherlands
  • The LOGISTEED European headquarters
  • Situated in Waardenburg, in the centre of The Netherlands
  • Alongside the A2 motorway, 60 km from Amsterdam
  • Office building with two warehouses situated behind it
  • One European distribution centre has 12,600 m2 of warehousing space and a clearance height of 6.5 metres
  • The other warehouse has 4,500 m2 of warehousing space and three storeys with mezzanine flooring. Includes a fully voice-operated order picking system and an automated conveyor
Heavy transport
  • The Special and Heavy Transport department, based in the Dutch capital city, Amsterdam
  • In-house logistics for a customer in machine-building 
Air freight Schiphol Amsterdam
  • Air freight office
  • Based at The Netherlands' largest airport, Schiphol
  • Approx. 2,000 m2 of warehousing space
  • Secure storage area for Very Important Cargo
Sea freight Rotterdam
  • Sea freight office
  • Located close to the Port of Rotterdam


transport deutschland
  • Sea freight and Project Cargo departments
  • Situated just west of the Ruhr region in Krefeld
  • Situated on the Lower Rhine river
  • In the heart of Germany's largest – and hence one of Europe's biggest – industrial areas: the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region 
air freight frankfurt
  • Air freight office
  • Based at one of Europe's busiest and most important transport intersections: Frankfurt Airport

The United Kingdom

warehouse united kingdom
  • Our UK facility is located in Basingstoke in the South of England, 72 km south-west of London 
  • 3,300 m2 of warehouse and office space
  • Excellent transport links – close to major road networks, just 50 km from Southampton docks and 55 km from London's Heathrow Airport


  • Air freight office
  • Based at one of Europe's busiest and most important transport intersections: Paris Airport
  • Situated near Paris-CDG Airport


warehousing spain
  • 4,000 m2 of warehouse with a clearance height of 8 metres
  • Situated in Catalonia, in the Spanish province of Barcelona
  • Storage and distribution of primarily air conditioning units and refrigerators
  • Located just 25 kilometres from Barcelona city centre
  • Good traffic links via the C16 motorway


warehousing italy
  • 8,000 m2 of warehousing space
  • In the north of Italy, 30 km from Milan
  • Direct connection with Malpensa Airport
  • Within easy reach of Genoa and Southern France


LOGISTEED in europe

LOGISTEED Europe has four sister companies in Europe: ESA s.r.o., Vantec Europe Limited, Cyber Freight International B.V. and Mars Logistics Group Inc.

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